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Wooden pipes


All our wooden pipes are made from the best available, straight grain “Sipo”, the best and most stable among the several varieties of African mahogany. Not only is it beautiful to look at; it also has extraordinary resonance qualities that make the sound of our wooden pipes unique.

The natural properties of the wood are enhanced by a special varnish, which is applied not only outside but also inside each pipe, before it is assembled.

We manufacture a wide variety of wooden stops, from the very large Pedal Contrebass to the sweet Flauto d’Amore, a very unusual stop with chimneys at the top, and the rare Doppelflöte, featuring two opposite mouths.


From the largest to the smallest pipes, all have one feature in common: they are assembled with tongue-and-groove construction, a very elaborate technique which provides the utmost stability under any environmental condition.