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Preliminary voicing is performed in our workshop, leaving ample tolerance to accommodate any changes in volume or tonal character as required during final on-site voicing. This procedure allows us to perform an accurate check of all pipes before they leave the workshop and to significantly reduce the time required for voicing at the final installation site.


Reed stops are also preliminarily voiced at our shop. One by one the reed tongues are cut to size and curved to ensure speed of attack and stability of running tone.


Traditional cone tuning is performed on many of our instruments. We also provide specially designed beveled slide tuners when requested. These are useful to preserve pipes from possible damage caused by unexperienced cone tuning. They also make pipe tuning very stable and easy and, as such, they reduce maintenance costs.


For the larger pipes we insert felt inside the tuning scrolls to prevent annoying vibrations, or we provide pipes with tuners that slide on rails, a very handy system when pipes are difficult to reach for tuning.