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Technical features


Fratelli Ruffatti selects the best console control systems available on the market, often cooperating with their producers to obtain the most advanced, user-friendly features for its instruments. Operational features of the console systems offered by Ruffatti include:

  • personalization of “memory sections” for each organist, with password-protected access
  • recording and playback
  • multiple tuttis and crescendo sequences, which can be personalized by the organist
  • Transposer (for electric action organs)
  • Diagnostics

A touch-screen operated system is also available, that displays icons for the various functions. It includes accessories such as a clock, a metronome, color and light intensity adjustment for the screen, and choice of language for the titles (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and others).



Reliability is guaranteed. Circuit boards are standardized and can be easily replaced.



Components are of the highest quality available on the market. Let’s analyze a few examples.
The stop knobs are considered to be the highest quality components available for this function. Contrary to the traditional system based on magnetic attraction, they work on the principle of repulsion. This important feature ensures a very prompt response due to fast initial motion, and a very quiet operation due to the lower repulsion force at the end of the travel.

The stop knobs, made of ebony or other precious woods. At the back are the special solenoids that work on the principle of magnetic repulsion.
Wire connections are plug-in for ease of maintenance. Contacts are vacuum-sealed and free from oxidation.



Contacts under the keys are made of solid silver. Although they can oxidize, silver oxide is a good conductor of electricity, and therefore a good contact is always guaranteed. In addition, the contacts are designed in such a way that their motion has a self-cleaning effect.

xcontatti tastiere
Toe-studs feature a lighted display. They are individually machined on the lathe at the Ruffatti shop. They are indestructible, reliable and silent, and their contacts are sealed.

xCharlotte toe studs
The expression shoes are manufactured at the Ruffatti shop. Their contacts at the back are made with linear potentiometers that have no contacts exposed to the atmosphere.



Our movable consoles are connected to the building’s electrical lines by means of a normal electrical cable, and to the instrument by a plug-in computer-size cable. By disconnecting the plugs, the console can be moved with no risk of damaging the cables, a frequent problem with movable consoles.


Easy access is guaranteed to all parts for maintenance. Keyboards can be lifted up one by one to access the contacts and other adjustment points. Sides can be opened to gain access to the stop drawknobs.


The stop knobs are accessible for maintenance both from the side and the top.



A small, radio-connected tuning keyboard is available, which will operate the console remotely. Only one person is therefore necessary to tune or perform maintenance, which provides savings for the customer.