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Design and functionality

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Ruffatti makes no standard models. Every console is a unique piece, custom-designed and custom-built, esthetically pleasing and comfortable for the organist. Even on the largest consoles, organists are amazed at how easy it is to find each stop or control. Everything is within easy reach despite the size of the instrument.

As is the case with the organ, console cabinets can be designed in a multitude of styles. Following are some examples of consoles, both for mechanical and electric action organs. In all of them, it’s easy to see the original and inventive design “touch” that makes them unique.

The two-manual mechanical action organ for the United Congregational Church of Little Compton, Rhode Island, USA. The console is detached from the organ case, connected by means of trackers that run under the floor. The photo at right shows a detail of the ebony and bone keyboards, and elaborate wood inlay decorations.




Two interchangeable music racks for the same console at St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford, Ireland. One is transparent, while the other is made of wood with elaborate inlays.

Keyboards can have different designs, with keys of different shapes and measurements. Often, the key coverings are made of natural bone and ebony, but other choices are possible.


The ebony sharps, with their descending
shape towards the back, allow easy access to
the thumb pistons above.


Upon request, we offer tracker-touch keyboards that simulate the touch of a mechanical action. The initial resistance decreases as the key is pressed, for the benefit of good articulation. The following parameters can be adjusted:

  • The initial resistance
  • The contact’s “firing point”
  • The total depth of the key travel


The pedalboard can be concave and radiating (A.G.O. specification) or concave and straight (B.D.O. specification), with oak keys and chromatic coverings made with solid ebony. The pedal resistance, as well as the “firing point”, are individually adjustable.



A good example of ergonomic design is the layout of toe studs in a curved fashion following the shape of the radial pedalboard.
In the photo at right, there are rows of toe studs, as well as those placed at the sides of the pedalboard. All are within easy reach.


The platform for movable consoles is of solid wood parquet, and can be made in different styles.



Our concert-type console bench is of this elegant curved-leg design, and is height-adjustable. This type of bench allows full visibility of the player during performances when the console is located in front of the audience.



An exclusive feature which is available on request is the height-adjustable console. The two photos below show that the entire upper part of this massive four-manual console can be raised or lowered by more than two inches, changing the distance between keyboards and stops from the pedalboard. The organist can do this by simply pushing a button. Combined with the height adjustable bench, this represents the simplest, most effective way to personalize console dimensions for a truly remarkable fit for every organist, regardless of height.

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